donderdag 14 juli 2011

2 Weeks on Hormone Replacement Therapy

I've been already for 2 weeks on HRT and even though it was a super short period to see any effects I did feel some changes. During the first week I felt frequently nausea and sometimes even dizzy, I'm not sure if this came from the hormones but I think it did but after the first week those feelings went slowly away, I think that's because my body got used to the new hormones. I could also notice that my skin is getting softer, specially the skin on my face, and the area of my breast got a lot more sensible, sometimes I even feel pain in this area what means that I will see some breast development soon. I also notice I got a little more emotional but I'm not sure if it was for personal reasons or another effect from hormones. In general I'd say the changes were much more internal and not really visible, it's like my body is preparing itself to pass through big changes in the future and I'm completely happy I finnaly started this process.

woensdag 15 juni 2011

Transexual x Very Feminine Gay Guy

Since I started dressing more feminine a lot of people found it awkward. They would look at me and think "why would a guy dress like this?". I'd say the stage I am in my transition is very complicated. I look very androgynous and people still don't see me as a woman or at least someone trying to be woman. Some people can't even tell if I am a girl or a boy and some even asked me that. This is being really dissapointing for me but I don't want to be extreme and put myself in really female clothings like dresses before I start with hormones, but at the same time I don't wanna be seen as a very femine gay guy what most of people think I am.

Hopefully this stage won't last so much time I'd say my hair grows really fast and it's almost on my shoulders and I think the longer it is the more people won't have so much doubts about my gender identity and even less when I start with hormones and develop breats and more female features. It's just that right now it's been hard to make people I already know to see me as a woman even though I already told them I am a transgender. Some of them even seem reluctant to accept that but why should they be? I'm still the same person, I was always a woman inside,

maandag 13 juni 2011

First post

I decided to create this blog to organize my thoughts and emotions about the things I'm going through right now and maybe also to help other transgender people like me and  to show to "normal" people how hard being a transgender is and to show them that we need to be understanded, respected and loved because we are humans like everyone.

I recently discovered that I couldn't deny I was a transgender to myself and to others and I'd say right now I am starting the long and hard process of transitioning to the gender I feel more confortable to be: female. In other words I was born male but I never felt like one, I never acted like one, never felt confortable being one. I discovered that I couldn't stay as a male anymore 3 or 4 months ago, I already felt there was something wrong with me but I thought that being a transgender was not a good thing because I always had a negative image of transgender people as most of people do but of course I ended up discovering that being a transgender is not the same as being a drag queen or dressing like a prostitute.

I already dress a lot more feminine than I did 4 months ago. I'd say I never was that masculine. I'm skinny and I have a longer hair than most of boys which I'm letting grow. I didn't start with hormones yet for some reasons (that I'm going to explain on the next posts) but I'm intending to start next month.

There a lot more facts I have to tell about me but I'm not having so much time to do it at once so I will try to make short but frequent posts.

Isabel Annunziata